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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not really a trendsetter — but I’ll happily follow them if they seem to stick. And that’s how I fell for the old burlap sack.

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I know burlap is soooo 2010, but I keep seeing it and have really become taken with the earthy textile, so long as it has a touch of whimsy or cool design.

Burlap, no doubt, came into style recently because it’s a natural and sustainable product. As more companies go green, creative designers are using materials in really innovative ways.

I first started seeing burlap used as a way to repurpose and refresh. And cute, French-boudoir-inspired accesories, such as chairs and pillows began flying off Etsy.

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Then creative DIY’ers – not myself, of course — began making these amazing chairs. It’s all about the gorgeous print, usually something en francais.

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But now, the trend is everywhere because burlap is so versatile and simply chic. You can find tablerunners galore, curtains, tablecloths, and plenty of beach-inspired accessories.

I’m on the hunt for some lamps for my living room, and I’m not only looking for a nice burlap shade, but an interesting base. Love this amber lamp!

KAlamp Sack attackImage via Ballard Designs


And if I had the fabulous lifestyle I dream about, I’d go berserk for burlap covered walls. I love a wall texture done in the right way, like in this amazing room.

KAburlapwall1 Sack attackImage via


Fashion has even taken a burlap cue. I love the tongue-and-cheek, “you’d even look great in a burlap sack” reference. But even the fashion diva Rachel Zoe takes it a bit too far. Oh well, if anybody can try it, she can.

KArachelzoe Sack attack

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I take trends in tiny does when it comes to my personal style. Here’s the best way, in my opinion, to wear burlap — on your feet.

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Kim is a public relations pro by day, homebody by night. Kim worked as a newspaper features writer for more than a decade and she has written hundreds of stories on others' homes. But she is still discovering her own style. Kim and her husband are renovating their late-1950s home, making it their own. For Kim, staying home is a destination. She frequently entertains friends and family, so keeping it simple and comfortable is important (with the exception of her closets – her shopping and bargain-hunting habits take up some serious space). Kim’s perfect place is snuggled up in her PJs eating a homemade meal in front of the TV with her husband.

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  1. Leah H.

    love the burlap covered walls! thought it was paint until i looked closely. wondering if burlap billows would look good layered with pastels? or dusty lavender or pink? you’ve got me thinking!

  2. Leah H.

    *pillows. or billows. whatevs ;)

  3. Jessica G

    I want that wall in my bedroom……. How can I do that?


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