1. Gretchen

    Sarah, those look amazing! I am looking forward to having donuts on my trip (they are not readily available here) – I have heard of some places even putting bacon on donuts (which I am sure would not interest you …) but do you know if such donuts exists in the greater Tulsa area?

  2. They have bacon donuts at the place in Wichita, but I don’t know of one here in Tulsa. I have been petitioning a certain restauranteur to add donuts like this to his repertoire, but was denied with some silly “logistics” business. But you should def check out OK Country while you’re here. They are delish as well as fun. :)

    Hope to see you while you’re in town – keep me posted on any get togethers!

  3. Elizabeth Miller

    SO fun Sarah. I had donuts for breakfast this morning at work! Great post, love reading everyday.

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