Oh, if I had a swing

KAbeachswing Oh, if I had a swing

Image via Sunsurfer from Pinterest

The swing pictured above is my idea of heaven. I’m certainly not a hammock person — way too much anxiety trying to balance on one of those things. A little too stressful for my personality.

But since I was a child, I’ve loved swings — as evidenced in the many baby photos I’ve been looking at with my parents this weekend. There are at least six or seven photos of me in my baby swing, at a park, or playing in my backyard swingset.

I’ve always dreamed of a relaxing front porch swing, and Prairie Hive has taught me to stop dreaming and start planning.  So I’ve been busy looking for the perfect swing.

KAhouseswing Oh, if I had a swingImage via Apartment therapy

This swing from Apartment Therapy is perfect for the urban dweller, it looks so rustic but modern at the same time. I’ll bet those homeowners have fun!

KAskateswing Oh, if I had a swingImage via Cedarworks

I’ve been spying a lot of these cute skateboard swings online. How fun for kids! This one might be going in the tree in my front yard.

KAporchswing Oh, if I had a swingImage via thehousethata-mbuilt from Pinterest

And at last, the quintessential front porch swing. White paint gives it a modern, fresh look. And what’s a swing without a burst of color with these happy pillows? I think this might be happening soon.

What are your dream home features?

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Kim is a public relations pro by day, homebody by night. Kim worked as a newspaper features writer for more than a decade and she has written hundreds of stories on others' homes. But she is still discovering her own style. Kim and her husband are renovating their late-1950s home, making it their own. For Kim, staying home is a destination. She frequently entertains friends and family, so keeping it simple and comfortable is important (with the exception of her closets – her shopping and bargain-hunting habits take up some serious space). Kim’s perfect place is snuggled up in her PJs eating a homemade meal in front of the TV with her husband.

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  1. Totally want that skateboard swing!

  2. DawnT

    I’ve always always always wanted a porch swing! Now you have the wheels turning trying to figure out if I can make this work….


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