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  2. This is insane. I love it!

  3. I’m envious of your Grandmother’s collection! I also collect Shawnee Corn, but I don’t have nearly as many pieces as she does. I’m most envious of her cookie jar and large pitchers! Does she use her corn dishes? I use mine at any opportunity and have posted tablescape photos on my blog.

    Funny, I also collect the forest green depression glasses your grandmother has. I love and use mine as frequently as possible!

    Thanks for sharing these photos. I’m inspired to continue collecting.

  4. Elane Crosby

    Love this post, Alayna! Wondering if I have collected anything my grandchildren will value in future years.

  5. Anna Landers

    It’s corntastic!

  6. Alayna

    Cindy, she has a few pieces that she uses, but mostly it is for everyone to look at. I wouldn’t mind having a dinner party using it sometime!

    What is your blog? We will have to check out your tablescape photos.


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