1. Lianae

    We have a large open bookshelf that serves as our “focal point” in the livingroom (in lieu of fireplace) and the supports are small enough that I can tie the stockings to them with ribbons. The book shelf is also heavy and sturdy enough that it won’t tip over with Santa filled stockings!

    I love the white branch idea though – if we ever change things around, I’ll copy that one!

  2. SarahV

    Remember when you asked what my tree branch stocking hanger looked like? Pretty much EXACTLY like that picture. 😉 It worked great last year, using it again this year (when I get to go buy ribbon to hang it, anyway!).

  3. love the tree branch!! I use a vintage, well worn gold coat rack/stand that normally lives in my daughters room…. during the holidays I steal it for stockings! 😉

  4. […] similar to last week’s post about hanging stockings, you can hang ornaments from a branch as a centerpiece.  I need to snag a few branches with all […]

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