1. I LOVE those trees. My mom has two from my grandma that I’ve been crossing my fingers for for years! I’ve seen a few white ones to that I would also love to get my grubby fingers on :)

  2. DawnT

    My parents have the exact same tree! I think my mom made (painted) it. She was big into ceramics ‘back in the day,’ and we used to regularly go to a ceramic class together when I was little. It is definitely one of my favorite Christmas decorations because of all the childhood memories! And it IS the perfect nightlight. I love it!

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  4. Robin

    I have one almost identical that a friend made. She was totally into ceramics in the early 80′s and I bought it from her.

  5. Heather

    Hi, We have both of these items . The candy dish came from my grandparents estate . The Christmas tree came as a gift to my husband from my mother. She saw it in the window at a local thrift shop in Greenwood,In. My husband always wanted one because his Aunt Nellie always had one out on the buffet at Christmas time. He also found a smaller one at a yard sale last summer and picked it up for a few dollars. We LOVE these old antique Christmas items. They really bring back an era gone by. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

  6. Darcy

    I was wondering where I could purchase one of the ceramic Christmas tree. My mom had one when I was younger and I would like to find another one.


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