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Playroom Follow-up

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some great inspiration for our playroom that I’ve been wanting to work on.  I’ve been dying to get started, so the other day, I broke out the magnetic and chalkboard paint and got to work.   Keep in mind that this room is a work in progress, so it looks nothing like the amazing photos I posted before.   One of these days it will get there.  In the meantime, I’ve included some pictures of what I’ve done so far, and a little bit of info on what worked and what didn’t so much.

I started with magnetic paint.  It was a great primer.  I’m not so sure how great it will be as a magnetic surface.  I ended up painting 3 coats on the part of the wall where I really planned on using magnets (I was hoping to hang some of the kids’ art with magnetic clips), but only the magnetic letters seem to want to stay on the wall.  I need to look for stronger magnets and see if that helps.  Also, the magnetic paint is a gloppy mess.  You need to stir it often to keep it from getting too thick and it seems to splatter more than regular paint-so just be prepared!  It also dries with a fairly rough surface, so we sanded the wall before we continued with the chalkboard paint.  I’m sure I could have consulted online sources for the best way to handle magnetic paint, but I guess I chose to do it the hard way.

The chalkboard paint was much easier.  Since the wall was already primed with the black magnetic paint, one coat of the chalkboard paint seemed to work fine.  It’s easy to write on and it cleans up easily.  Hooray!  I may paint one more coat, though, for good measure.

I also wanted to start a collage wall of some of the kids’ art, family pictures and other pictures and posters that we love.   Here is a pic of what we’ve done so far.  Please excuse my terrible photography!  I look forward to adding to it as the kids continue to create fun art.  I like using the art clip instead of a frame so I can easily change out artwork.