Obsessed with Blue


Image from ParisDailyPhoto via Pinterest

I love blue.  All shades.  But lately, I’ve been especially obsessed with this kind of cobalt, sapphire blue color.  It’s everywhere and I’m loving it.  I’m trying to keep myself under control, because pretty soon I might find myself sitting in my new blue room in some fancy blue jeans with some sort of awesome blue purse.  I think I would love that, really, but I’ll try to pick just one.  Right now I’m thinking I want to go for it with the paint- but that could change.

Image from Ideas to Steal

If I had the guts, I’d go all out like this room above.  Probably not realistic for me, but it makes for great inspiration.

This one tones it down a little bit, but there is still plenty of blue to get the effect.  I love bookcases painted in a color and this blue is so beautiful!

Image from lemonandlavenderblog via Pinterest

If you’re not ready to commit to painting an entire room, a piece of furniture like this bed is perfect.

AND if blue wearing blue is more your thing, here are a few great choices…


1.  Tie Dress, Piperlime  2.  Goddess Necklace, Banana Republic  3.  Alexander Wang Prisma Tote, Barneys  4.  Les Halles Jeans at shopbop  5.    Gucci Peep-Toe, Neiman Marcus   6.  Silk Pintuck Blouse, J. Crew  7.  Zavrel Cardigan, Anthropologie

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Lisa is a mother of three who works as a fashion and wardrobe consultant. As a former French and Latin teacher, the time she spent living in France has an ongoing influence on her style, both in fashion and interiors (she has the most comprehensive collection of plain white shirts you’ve ever seen!). She considers shopping a true hobby, a skill which was put to good use as she recently completed an addition and remodel of her family’s 1958 home in Midtown Tulsa. Throughout her home, you can recognize her emphasis on comfort with a few quirky touches that make it a true reflection of her family and their collective style. Lisa is old school and has yet to latch on to this whole “social media” phenomena

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  1. I am loving that same blue right now. Have been seriously considering painting my master bedroom that color. Just something about it!


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