1. […] Here in our corner of the world, we are gearing up for a busy weekend of spring storms…so they say.  Our “safe place” for tornadoes is the WORST room in our house – a tiny bathroom that I have yet to touch since moving in 4 years ago.   The thought of herding me, the baby and our menagerie of pets into that tiny room has got me itching for a reno – which means I need to decide on a design direction…which means lots of discussion with the Prairie Hive team!  We love to bounce our ideas off each other, and a group brainstorm always yields fantastic (and sometimes unexpected) results!  AND in case you missed it…we are dedicating (the remainder of) April to answering YOUR questions as well!  Send us your best (or worst?) design dilemmas…and we’ll give you our take on it, once a week in “Ask Us April“! […]

  2. […] may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Introducing a new feature…”Ask Us“!  We get reader questions all the time and wanted to answer a few on the blog each […]

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