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Host an Olympics Party!

londonolympics Host an Olympics Party!



We have Olympic fever!  Our simple, colorful Olympics party features basic items that anyone can put together to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies, a favorite sporting event, or even a birthday that takes place during the Games.

A simple white tablecloth acts as a backdrop and mimics the white background of the Olympic flag.  Lengths of ribbon in the 5 Olympics colors (blue, black, red, yellow and green) create a table runner.  Boxes wrapped in gold, silver and bronze act as podiums for festive snacks and drinks.


ribbon1 Host an Olympics Party!


Keeping the snacks festive, we made DIY “torches” made from gold paper cones filled with flavored popcorns to represent flames.  These could be filled with any snack to munch on during the ceremony – we couldn’t resist these orange and lemon flavors from Premier Popcorn.  To sip, we found patriotic blue cream sodas and red and white straws (or serve blue cocktails with cherries for a grown-up crowd!).

torches Host an Olympics Party!

To host a full dinner party, fun menu items would be British foods like fish & chips, bangers & mash, and of course, beer!

For dessert, we chose vanilla cupcakes (make your own or run up to Kupcakz Tulsa like I did to save a step!) with sprinkles in the 5 Olympics colors, topped with elements representing the host city, London.

cupcake Host an Olympics Party!

With all the speculation about what the Opening Ceremony will be like, we couldn’t help but join in the fun with our Opening Ceremonies Bingo game! Download  the cards and play along as you watch!


bingo Host an Olympics Party!

For more Olympic party, craft and food ideas, we will be pinning to our  Olympics Pinterest board throughout the games…check it out!

To see the whole spread, here’s my segment on today’s Great Day Green Country!


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