1. Leah

    Those eyes! :) That was my favorite baby food book and I used up well through the first year. It was too late for my kiddo, but I also loved the recipes in Tyler Florence’s baby food book and his Sprout line in ziplock packs for quick, on the go and travel.

  2. How cute is that little guy?!? Its a good thing you put his picture at the END of the post – I might not have been able to concentrate on the words!

    Kudos to you for making your own baby food – that was something I INTENDED to do and never managed to make it happen!

  3. I loved making baby food for my wee one (I was of the steamer/food processor camp – not as many gadgets then as there are now). She learned to try all kinds of food and I felt good about feeding her stuff I had chosen. She’s now a lanky nine year old and she absolutely loves fresh vegetables and trying new things. It doesn’t take long; her dad and I would take turns steaming/pureeing while the other did the dinner dishes.


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