1. Leah

    Agreed that most glider/rockers are U-G-L-Y. You found great options! Love the price range…and your pic!

  2. We just picked out the fabric to recover our hand-me-down rocker today! I can’t wait to get it done!! :) Love the one you picked out of the bunch, for sure.

  3. Lisa Smith

    Great Choices!
    I found my glider online after a long search and I am very happy with my choice. I bought a little castle glider/recliner. I loved the fabrics, there is over 100 fabric choices. It took only 6 weeks. I purchased it at, they had the best price and free shipping. I can’t wait to use it with my baby:)

  4. […] I mentioned in this blog post outlining different rockers and gliders last year, I decided on the IKEA POANG chair.  It has a tall back which is good since I am tall […]

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