Shopping Alert: Spring Brights, Prints and a Good Cause


Image of Burberyy Prorsum via Style Bistro

I’m already ready for spring — especially for the  great fashion this year, full of brights, floral prints and black-and-white stripes. Have you been looking at all those dreamy catalogs from the mail? With all the sherbet hues, it’s a little like Candy Land! I’m all in.

In Oklahoma, you have to be prepared for any kind of weather. We’ve had a warm winter, so spring could start in the middle of February — or it could snow for weeks and spring arrives in April. So prompt spring shopping is a must…especially since it’s all arriving in stores now. (Great justification, huh?)

Here are a few things on my radar right now:


1. Tribal Double-Ring, BCBG 2. Pyramid Zip Clutch in citrus, Michael Kors 3.Cafe Capri in dark cove, J Crew 4. Ballet flats in green, Seychelles 5. Kate Spade sunglasses in turquoise, Piperlime 6. Green dot tee, Gap


But the best part of spring shopping for me is an annual fundraiser I’m involved with — the YWCA of Tulsa’s Wine Women & Shoes. Full disclaimer: I’m a board member of the YWCA. But long before I was involved personally, I’ve been a fan of this event and this great organization. Shoes, shopping and wine? It’s a guaranteed fun time with great shopping from vendors across the country. Shopping can be guilt-free — especially in the spring! For more, visit


 Image via YWCA Tulsa


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