how to wear tulle — without looking like a princess

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As a former ballet student, I’m always going to be wrapped in a layer of tulle. My eye will always halt on an image of a tulle skirt and a Grace-Kelly like fashion moment.

Trust me — I get tulle.

The fabric is romantic and pretty. And it’s not just for 5-year-old girls in tutus anymore.

While  I’m happy to see it has made a full comeback into fashion — I still throw up a flag of caution. You still have to be careful with it. Unless you’re trying to look like a bride, a princess, Taylor Swift or a teenager headed to the prom, tulle is tricky.

Here are a few tips for making tulle work — it’s all about context.

tulle5Image via A Fashion Love Affair

1. Grunge it up. A great way to get away with a flowy, tulle skirt is to juxtapose it with something edgy. By adding a leather bag (love the Coach bag in this photo!), some killer pointy-toed heels and a denim jacket, you can  make tulle look tougher. No ballerinas here.

tulle4Image via Piperlime

2. Lose the pouf. You might associate tulle with a poufy, bridal or ballerina-like skirt. But you can find an elegant, streamlined look as well. The little black dress is always a sophisticated choice — and the slim layer of tulle is understated and interesting.

tulle3.Image via Chic Wish

3. Denim and tulle. I love this look! I’ve seen a lot of denim jackets paired with short tulle skirts (a la Carrie Bradshaw). But this longer, maxi skirt paired with a denim shirt is a terrific alternative. Again, make sure you keep the pouf in control if you’re older than 30.

tulle2Image via 4.bp blogspot via Pinterest

4. Working tulle. You might think that a tulle skirt would NEVER be appropriate for work, but you might just get away with it if. Again — pairing a slim skirt with a great jacket or blazer, and some beautiful shoes will certainly spice up the board meeting.

Have fun experimenting!

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