Taking a Break…

green vase


You may have noticed it’s been a little quieter around the site for the last month or so.  In addition to the normal holiday hubbub, our team has gotten a little overwhelmed with life in general lately.  I’m sure many of you out there know the feeling.

When we started this venture, we all had fewer kids, slower jobs, smaller houses or just generally more time (and inspiration!) on our hands.  We have all gone through some major life changes (sometimes all at once!) over the last year or so, and blogging has slowly ticked down the list of priorities.  Working on the blog and the online magazine have been such a wonderful journey and learning opportunity for us all.  We have grown as friends with both each other and with all of those who we have worked with along the way, and we don’t want it to end – but want to be realistic with our time commitments and what we are all capable of fitting into our busy schedules.

So we have decided to take some pressure off ourselves and take a break.  Both to free up time for other activities, and to take some much needed time to revive our creativity and reconsider how we want to move forward with the site.  What better time than the start of a new year to reinvent yourself?

We will keep you posted on where we are going, and will post every now and then if something strikes our fancy.

Until then…