candy cocktails from issue 11

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 Issue 11′s Celebrate the Style cocktails

It’s early in the week, but not too early to plan a cocktail hour! Thanks to the fun party we created for our Issue 11 “Celebrate the Style,” we’ve got some tempting grown-up treats for you.

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween or having a girls’ night in, these fun candy-inspired cocktails are perfect. The trick was to make three martinis with a candy treat for garnish — and they had to fit into the party’s color palette, which was black, white and green. So I made a fun trip to several candy stores, and had even more fun taste-testing them.

PH11 CTS 21 black drink candy cocktails from issue 11 Black Spider martini

First up, was the Black Spider. We had seen a few spidery martinis on other sites and Pinterest, so we knew that it was all about black liquorice. That was the easy part. Just buy a few black licorice swirls from your local candy store, snip into “legs,” and add to your martini for some fun flare.

The tricky part was finding the black liquor! After several trips to the store, I finally found a type that was perfect – Captain Morgan Black rum. It made for a great, modern rum and Coke cocktail.

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PH11 CTS 20 white drink candy cocktails from issue 11Ghost Whisper martini

One of my favorites (look and taste) was the white Ghost Whisper. I wanted a creamy white martini that wasn’t too sweet. So I scoured the grocery store and eventually found the best backer — Sobe Smooth Pina Colada drink. Mixed with a bit of vanilla vodka and rimmed with white sanding sugar, it’s an elegant treat.

vanilla sanding sugar e1379892712428 candy cocktails from issue 11Image via Saucy’s Sprinkles

PH11 CTS 19 green drink candy cocktails from issue 11 Lime Candy Collins martini

The last — and most fun, personally — was the Lime Candy Collins. This was easy — we knew we wanted a martini garnished with rock candy, which I bought tons of at Tulsa’s Sweet Tooth Candy and Gifts. With the Lime Tarts and fun colors, it was an easy choice. I’m not a huge fan of sour apple, but if you wanted to go with the classic Green Apple Martini, it will also work with this fun color theme.  For recipes, visit our Issue 11 magazine celebrating fall!

candy candy cocktails from issue 11

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