Fire pit Follow-up!

Earlier this summer I did a little round-up of inspiring outdoor fire pits and included a picture of the beginning of our own in our backyard.  It looked like this…

Lovely, I know.  So after some debate as to how we wanted to finish it, we came up with a plan.

1) We decided we wanted a metal ring in the center and 2) it would probably be better if we handed off the patio part of the project to a professional.

For the metal ring, we went to Garden Deva.  We wanted it to be simple and rustic, but with a little bit of interest.  They hand notched the edge for us, leaving a great place to rest our roasting sticks!  The ring is 54 inches in diameter and 24 inches high.  6 inches of the ring is in the ground, so the base of the fire pit is lower than ground level.

Initially we liked the idea of the patio around the ring being a little bit uneven and rustic, but the more we walked on it, the more we realized it would be much safer to have an even surface.  We used the stones that we did because we happened to have them left over from a previous project.  It was nice to turn that pile of pavers into something more fun!  To help us put it all in place we called on local landscape designer, Chris Moore.  Now it is level, drains appropriately and will last!  We made the patio area just big enough that chairs will fit on it and be comfortable with a smaller fire.  And for a bigger fire, the ground is level enough beyond the pavers to pull chairs out into the grass.

Since the project has been completed, the burn ban has only been lifted for about a week here in Tulsa, so we haven’t been able to use it much.  But it seems fall is finally here, so I’m sure we’ll make up for lost time!

Happy fall!

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