Weekend Round-Up

St. Patrick’s Day Roundup – Happy Weekend!



Image via We Heart It

We’ve been so focused on our Spring Issue this week (and who could help it with this beautiful weather?) we almost forgot about St. Patricks Day this weekend!  Here’s a quick roundup of some of my favorite things green this week:

For the kids: Lucky Charm Cupcakes from our friend Thuy at My Paper Pinwheel

For the adults: The Shamrock Smash from Mrs. Lilien (and for the day after – Hangover Cures)

For everyone: Easy St. Pat’s Day Recipes

And a few cute ideas to set your table...

Have fun!


Happy (2013) Weekend!

bubble wrap calendar


Image via GeekAlert

It’s the first weekend of the new year…what are you up to?  You may have noticed we took a bit of a hiatus this week to regroup – look for us back again every day next week with renewed energy to start the year.  My weekend has a never-ending list of post-holiday organizational tasks at hand – let’s hope yours involves something more fun!

Here are a few of my favorite finds from this week:

A beautiful Mid-Century Modern party – intended for Christmas, but with a bit of tweaking this would work anytime this winter!

A fun idea to jazz up your wood floors with washi tape for a party.

This clutch.

And finally, some great tips (and apps) for keeping your New Year’s Resolutions.  Mine include a balanced schedule, losing the last bit of baby weight and getting our house on the market.  What are yours?

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