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Prairie Hive is a collaboration of designers, photographers, writers, and crafty creative types based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Prairie Hive Magazine takes a peek into real, un-”designed” homes in Oklahoma, along with the people who inhabit them.  We take inspiration from the families we work with to create entertaining and DIY ideas that are attainable and affordable, and show you how to get the look for yourself.

We also hope you will visit our blog, a great place to find extended coverage of our magazine content, our “of the moment” inspirations, additional DIY projects, field trips to local places and events and a spotlight on great things we find around our little part of the prairie.

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S A R A H   V E S P A S I A N

A first time mom, animal lover and accidental foodie (she’s married to a chef!), Sarah seeks out inspiration in the everyday, and as a natural networker, is always looking for new people to collaborate with.  She believes that if you  pull together things you truly love (in design, fashion and life!), it will inevitably all work together!

As the creative director of Prairie Hive, she works with the team as part cheerleader, part task-master and creates the overall vision for each issue.  Sarah blogs about design inspiration, her adventures as a new mom, her favorite products, her occasional (mis)adventures in DIY projects for Great Day Green Country; and most recently, about the new set of projects at her family’s recently purchased fixer-upper home.

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K I M   A V E R I L L

Kim is a public relations writer by day, homebody by night. At her last job – as a newspaper features/home and garden writer for more than a decade – she found inspiration in others’ homes, but Kim is still discovering her own style.  She and her husband are in the process of renovating their late-1950s home, making it their own.

For Kim, staying home is a destination.  She frequently entertains friends and family, so keeping it simple and comfortable is important (with the exception of her closets – her shopping and bargain-hunting habits take up some serious space!). Kim’s perfect place is snuggled up in her PJs eating a homemade meal in front of the TV with her husband.

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A L A Y N A   B E N E F I E L D

Alayna is a lifestyle photographer who also practices commercial and residential interior design.  She loves utilizing vibrant color in both her designs and her photography.  She also has a passion for travel, seeking out new experiences, places and cultures to capture with her camera and to influence her designs.

Alayna married her high school sweetheart and loves to cook, finding joy in family favorites as well as her own creations.  A bargain hunter by nature, she thinks that good design can come in all mediums, price points and styles and should be available to everyone.

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R O X A N N E   martinson

A commercial interior designer and on-the-side home renovator, Roxanne is living in her third 1920s-era home in one of Tulsa’s oldest neighborhoods.  A small-town Oklahoma girl at heart, she has also lived in Australia, which helped inspire her love of design.  Roxanne loves sewing, knitting, crocheting, repurposing furniture and salvaging architectural pieces. She loves to tackle a do-it-yourself project, no matter how small or large.

As our very own “granola girl”, Roxanne dreams about designing everything from dresses to gardens to her day, whatever comes across her path.

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PHOTOS%20dawn%20t%20about%20photo2 ABOUTD A W N   T H A C K R A Y

Dawn is a commercial interior designer who has worked on the East Coast before recently returning to her home state of Oklahoma.  She is also growing as a photographer who loves to capture family moments, and is learning to sew and craft accoutrements to incorporate into photo shoots and celebrations for her friends.

A volunteer for the youth at her church, an avid reader and Oreo dunker, Dawn believes a home  should be artistic, personal  and functional for the owners.  She has recently purchased her first home and is looking forward to working on a Before and After process of her own!

Find Dawn at Life Captured by Dawn and on Pinterest.

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L I S A   W A K E F I E L D

Lisa is a mother of three who works as an interior decorator, part-time shopgirl at a local boutique and PTA president (it’s like a job!).  As a former French and Latin teacher, the time she spent living in France has an ongoing influence on her style, both in fashion and interiors.

She considers shopping a true hobby, a skill which was put to good use as she recently completed an addition and remodel of her family’s 1958 home in Midtown Tulsa. Throughout her home, you can recognize her emphasis on comfort with a few quirky touches that make it a true reflection of her family and their collective style.

Lisa is old school and has yet to latch on to this whole “social media” phenomena.